Project Management

The Tuff Yards team specialise in the delivery of end-to-end project management.
Since our foundation in 2008, we’ve successfully delivered a range of projects for government
departments and commercial contractors across Queensland and NSW, including sporting courts
and grounds; playgrounds, school building extensions and facility upgrades, common areas,
meeting spaces and yarning circles.
Always committed to delivering on time and within budget, we bring together the right team of
highly skilled builders, landscapers and tradespeople to suit your project requirements.

Our speciality areas include but are not limited to:
Grant management and application support
End-to-end management: from design to construction and maintenance
Skill sourcing and team building
Manufacturing, sourcing and transportation of materials
Sourcing and transporting machinery
Sourcing and transporting plants
Approvals management
Site safety management
Fully mobile and flexible, were committed to delivering to your specifications regardless of location
and complexity.

Contact us to find out how we can deliver your project today.