Revegetation and Erosion Control services

Tuff Yards can provide clients with end to end revegetation services, including land rehabilitation, tree planting, erosion control, as well as the specialised services listed below.

Hydro-Seeding: Apply grass seed and fertiliser with a temporary erosion control polymer to establish grass ideal for flat top soiled areas or temporary stabilisation of stockpiles.

Hydro-Mulching: Minimise erosion and establish grass including native plant species. Re-establish vegetation on the steepest of slopes or in the most degraded soils utilising Australian manufactured products.

Temporary Slope Stabilisation: Using our advanced polymer with or without green dye we can temporarily stabilise your site from wind and rain erosion ensuring you meet the project specifications.

Dust Control: top windblown dust in its tracks with our environmentally friendly polymers which can be applied via a water truck with or without green dye long or short term products available.